1er Congreso Mundial Iltras
1er Congreso Mundial Iltras

Free lectures




Dr. Javier Alberto De La Vega Ortíz


Scientific and Evaluating Committee:

Dr. Martha Elisa Monsalve Cuellar

Dr. Reyna Briz Franco

Dr. Yamile Moncada Reyes

Dr. Leobardo López Morales

Objectives and recipients:

Create and develop a specific academic space, in which researchers, young researchers, teachers, and interested people have the opportunity to present the results of their research work, related to the challenges for Labor Law, Social Security and the Labor Relations in the World, after the consequences left by the Pandemic caused by the Covid-19 disease, among which are: the Social Security crisis; changes in migratory flows; crisis in Health Systems; the situation of companies and their sustainability; the use of Alternative Conflict Resolution Means; implementation of new models of health and safety at work in remote or remote work; psychosocial risks for workers due to remote or remote work; as well as the position of the new unionism.

Specific objectives:

  • Generate a debate on the challenges for Labor Law, Social Security and Labor Relations in the World, after the consequences that the Pandemic caused by the Covid-19 disease has left.

  • Develop the exposed topics and their respective problems in the light of new technologies, the new configuration of work relationships caused by the Pandemic of the Covid-19 disease, economic globalization and health protection.

  • Create a research network among the participants, on the topics of discussion, in order to build and develop constructive dialogues between the exponents of the different participating countries.

  • Carry out a digital compendium of all the works presented, which is accessible through the web.

Recipients: Researchers, young researchers, teachers and interested persons, in the area of ​​Labor Law and related or transversal subjects.


The Scientific and Evaluating Committee will be under the direction of a Coordinator, who will verify each of the papers presented, based on the subject and in accordance with the guidelines for their presentation.

The papers that do not meet the requirements will be returned to the authors so that, where appropriate, they can be corrected.

The Committee, after its analysis, will accept the papers, to later organize the schedule for their presentation in the respective panels.

The panels will be recorded and broadcast on the YouTube platform. The respective link will be openly available.

The papers will be presented in different scientific journals for publication in the Universities that support the Congress, so the authors must follow the editorial process requested by each journal.

Guidelines for the presentation of Papers or Communications:

  1. They can be registered by more than one person or paper. Each presentation may be presented by one or more authors, however, a single person will present the presentation in the designated panel. Notwithstanding the foregoing, all authors must register individually and pay the contribution to obtain the certificate. All those registered in free papers will be able to attend the entire Congress. The Certificate (only one) will be for assistant and speaker, respectively, in the form of free papers.

  2. The letter must be sent in format to the following email rfrancoo@derecho.unam.mx, no later than February 10, 2021. Those who have registered and do not send the respective presentation, will be registered as attendees and may attend all Congress conferences and will receive the certificate as attendees. The amount of the contribution will not be returned for any reason.

  3. Characteristics of the presentation:

    • A letter with a maximum length of 18 to 20 pages (please do not exceed this number).

    • Letter or character type: dimension: 12 points; line spacing: 1.5; alignment: justified; citation: APA or ISO standards.

  4. Structure of the presentation

    • Name of author (s), aligned to the right and at the foot of the page, the summary of the (maximum 5 lines) must be placed

    • Summary (numbered: 1, 2, 3)

    • Introduction (brief presentation of the topic, justification and objectives)

    • Body of work: divided and listed as in the summary

    • Final considerations or conclusions

    • Bibliographic references

  5. The bibliography must be cited in the body of the writing with footnotes.

  6. Presentation of the papers or communications: The participants will have 15 minutes to present a synthesis of their work in the discussion panels. The presentation of the free papers will begin once the main conferences of the Congress are finished, to which all the speakers of this modality will be able to attend and participate. The Schedule will be communicated to all those registered one week before the start of the Congress.

  7. To pay for the registration to the Congress, you must enter the following electronic address https://www.iltras.org/congresomundial to access the Free Presentations mode. Once the above has been done, a copy of the registration and the respective payment must be attached to the presentation for the record.

Information: marthaelisamonsalve@gmail.com

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